Fire Protection Company

On February 25th, 2002, American Fire Systems, Inc. officially opened for business. As founders David Stone, Cody Huff and Craig Branstetter were told by a friend, it was opened on “A Shoestring and a Prayer.” It must have been a blessed shoestring and a powerful prayer because more than 15 years later, AFS is one of the premier Fire Protection Contractors in Texas, specializing in Fire Sprinklers, Fire Alarms, Fire Pumps, Fire Extinguishers, Inspections, Security & Burglar, Access Control, CCTV and Monitoring. AFS began primarily in the greater Houston area, but branched into the Austin/San Antonio markets, and now has recently opened an office in Dallas/Ft Worth. Licensed in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas & Colorado, AFS is consistently adding new clients, along with maintaining the strength of reliable relationships with its 15 year client base. AFS provides a proficient Administrative Staff, as well as Field Workers who are well-trained in safety and quality. Led by AFS founder and President, David Stone, American Fire Systems, Inc. will continue to add to its strong legacy of selling, designing, and installing best-in-class fire protection systems, and servicing the life safety needs of businesses and residents alike to live out its chief value everyday of “protecting what you value most.”

American Fire Systems, Inc., its’ founders, management team and core staff have the absolute certainty of knowing our business was created, grown and continually blessed by God and our Savior Jesus Christ. We are here to provide a stable and secure job, an income providing for our many families, and the ability to save for a retirement where we can meet our financial needs, while continually giving back to various communities and programs across the state, passing along the blessings we have received. Although there are many different things that make up who American Fire Systems is and how we do business, the customers we enjoy, the best suppliers who partner with us every day and a staff at the top of their industry, at the core is our focus on Customer Service and Support, which we proudly state, “We are the best in the business.”

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