Fire Protection Inspection

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Fire Safety Inspection Services

Early detection of smoke, fire or other hazardous conditions can save lives and minimize property and asset losses. That’s why installing a fire and life safety system from AFS is an important investment for Texas residential and commercial property owners. Unfortunately, many property owners neglect regular inspections and tests that maintain system lifespan and keep fire prevention equipment operating reliably.

Partner with Us for Regular Inspections & Performance Checks
Trusted fire detection and protection methods—along with technological advances in monitoring and notification—produce fire protection systems that deliver unprecedented results for speed and effectiveness. Imagine, however, the risk to your home, family, business, or facility if some part of the alarm system malfunctions. Loss of life, personal injury, asset loss, fines, and lost insurance coverage could be the result.

Local code regulations and common sense dictate that periodic inspections and testing of fire alarm systems ensure the reliability of system performance. As part of our customer safety commitment, AFS provides inspection services customized to your specific needs and performed by licensed inspectors.

Inspection Services

Fire protection system performance can be compromised by age, accumulated dirt and grime, delayed maintenance, and remodeling that has not included a system upgrade. No matter what your situation, AFS specialists evaluate your home or facility fire alarm system and tailor inspection routines to meet code requirements, system complexity, National Fire Protection Association standards, and local AHJ. Customized inspection services may include:

  • Testing of all systems & equipment: alarms, monitors, electronic controls, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, fire pumps, wireless connectivity
  • Adjusting of equipment & monitors
  • Documentation & verification of procedures (for code & insurance compliance)
  • Training for system use & updates

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A program of regular, periodic inspections is the best way to avoid failure of your fire protection systems. To set up an equipment inspection schedule that matches your needs and stays within budget, call AFS today at 713.466.9898 for a no-obligation consultation. For your convenience, you can also request service online.