Residential Home Fire Protection & Alarm Installation

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home fire protection systems

The overwhelming fear of the uncontrollable power and destruction of a fire is something that we all face. We fear it in our work place, in our cars, in nature, just about everywhere. However, the greatest fear is in our homes when we are sleeping or where our children and loved ones are. When you think about “Protecting What You Value Most” this is what comes to mind, my family, my pets, my loved ones. American Fire Systems values this also.

Residential sprinklers, in single family dwellings, are a growing concern across the nation. AFS is proud to work alongside local fire authorities and city officials to educate homeowners of the benefits of fire sprinklers in their homes. Benefits that go beyond saving lives but also financial benefits in the reduction of home owners insurance, in some cases of up to 8%. So remember, if your thinking of building, call American Fire Systems and give us the opportunity to protect what you value most.