Fire Sprinkler Installation

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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Delivering round-the-clock protection for people, structures, and assets, American Fire Systems designs and installs sprinkler systems and fire protection systems tailored to the most challenging commercial and residential facility requirements.

Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems
Regardless of project complexity, our licensed Fire Protection Specialists recommend solutions that safeguard lives and property while meeting the latest code requirements and insurance guidelines. Sprinkler systems are the most common type of suppression, and may include:

  • Wet Pipe Systems: Cost efficient and requiring little maintenance, wet pipe fire sprinklers maintain a constant supply of water. When exposed to sufficient heat, they activate promptly to discharge water. Unfortunately, wet pipe systems are not suitable for low-temperature environments or high-impact areas.
  • Dry Pipe Systems: Designed for sub-freezing environments, dry pipe fire sprinklers are filled with pressurized air. As sprinklers are heat-activated, air is flushed from pipes and water flows through the piping. Dry pipe systems are often used in unfinished warehouses, freezer rooms, and outdoor loading docks.
  • Pre-Action Systems: Water is not contained in pre-action system pipes. Instead, it is held back by a “pre-action valve” that activates with smoke detection or flame exposure. To prevent a pre-action system from being triggered inadvertently, many include pressurized air as an added level of protection. Because of these built-in fail-safes, pre-action sprinkler systems are useful for environments like fine art galleries, data centers, and libraries.
  • Deluge Systems: Similar to a pre-action sprinkler solution, deluge systems do not have air in the pipes. Instead, a deluge valve opens when the system is exposed to heat or smoke, and water is discharged at a high velocity through all system heads. Deluge systems are installed in settings where fire spread is particularly dangerous: chemical plants, power plants, and other industrial environments.

Whatever your application, count on American Fire Systems for high-tech, environmentally friendly protection equipment that minimizes fire damage and facility downtime. For your peace of mind, AFS installs all sprinklers to NFPA-13 standards: the industry benchmark for design and installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems.

Request Pricing for Fire Sprinkler Systems
The right fire sprinkler system is a priceless addition to your safety protocol. Working within your budget to develop protection systems for server rooms, commercial facilities, art galleries, homes, and more, American Fire Systems is a leader in Texas fire protection services.

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