Fire Protection Services

Fire Protection Solutions

Tailoring services to your specialized safety and budget requirements, the American Fire Systems team provides ironclad fire protection solutions for families, business owners, and properties around Houston and beyond. After assessing your vulnerability to fire, smoke, and life safety risk, our experts install and maintain fire alarms, sprinklers, and more. For your peace of mind, we also perform the routine maintenance and inspections that safeguard your system’s operation and longevity.

Protecting what you value most since 2002, AFS’s experienced team includes sales staff, fabrication specialists, installers, and licensed Fire Protection Specialists possessing extensive knowledge about the latest fire codes and safety protocols.

Commercial & Residential Fire Protection

American Fire Systems supplies turnkey fire protection services for residents, property managers, facility owners, and commercial clients. Comprehensive offerings include:  

  • Fire detection & fire protection
  • Fire equipment repair services
  • Maintenance services
  • Inspections & verifications

Advantages of Partnering with Us

Your facility or home has unique risk factors that dictate your fire protection needs, from wildfire risk to storage of chemicals and combustibles. Installing and maintaining a recommended fire protection system reduces the chance of fire-related property damage and injury, as does scheduling regular inspections.

American Fire Systems is a Texas leader in fire protection and education, and is committed to assuring the readiness and dependability of your fire equipment when seconds count. Schedule a consultation to evaluate your current fire protection system, discuss emergency procedures, or learn about the latest life safety technology. AFS is proud to partner with the community to provide:

  • Friendly, responsive service
  • 24/7 fire equipment monitoring
  • Insider knowledge of building codes, fire protection standards & insurance regulations
  • Leading product & workmanship warranties
  • Turnkey system design, fabrication, installation & maintenance
  • Annual inspections & equipment certifications

Request a Fire Protection Services Consultation
Whether you require monitoring or equipment inspections for an existing system or are installing a new fire protection system for your home or business, your partnership with AFS could mean the difference between a minor incident and an emergency resulting in injuries and a costly productivity loss.

Call 713.466.9898 now to schedule a fire risk consultation, or connect with our team online here at your convenience and an AFS representative will be in touch shortly.

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