Fire Extinguisher Installation

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Fire Extinguishers

Engineering fire protection solutions for Texas home and business owners, American Fire Systems supplements your sprinkler systems with fire extinguishers from leading manufacturers.

AFS provides turnkey services that include fire extinguisher system installation, repairs, and maintenance. The maintenance process is particularly critical since extinguishers must be routinely inspected to assure accessibility and reliable operation. Our professional inspection includes a visual assessment, physical assessment, and tagging verification (to include location and date).

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Types of Fuels & Fire Extinguishers
Fire extinguishers should be selected based on the fuel type, since different extinguishing agents are useful for different fires. Class A fires include general combustibles such as paper, wood, and plastics. Class B fires are flammable liquids; Class C fires involve energized electrical equipment such as transformers and motors. Class D fires include combustible metals, and Class K fires are fires started by cooking oils, kitchen grease, and fat.

Tailored to your unique fire vulnerabilities, AFS extinguisher types include, but are not limited to:

  • Pressurized water extinguishers: Class A fires
  • Dry chemical extinguishers: Class A, B & C fires
  • Dry powder extinguishers: Class D & combustible metal fires
  • Carbon dioxide extinguishers: Class B & C fires
  • Clean agent extinguishers: Class B & C fires
  • Chemical foam (AFFF & FFFP) extinguishers: Class A & B fires
  • Ammonium phosphate extinguishers: Class A, B & C fires
  • Wet chemical extinguishers: Class K fires; deep-fat fryers & other commercial kitchen applications

Markets We Serve

Each property and industry have unique fire risks, security vulnerabilities, and life-safety requirements. AFS helps you safeguard occupants and properties by scheduling a comprehensive, onsite inspection. Fire extinguisher system installation and fire protection expertise includes:

  • Commercial properties
  • Residential family properties
  • Multi-unit properties
  • Single-family homes
  • High-rises & condominiums
  • Apartment complexes
  • Commercial & manufacturing facilities
  • Office parks
  • Retail spaces
  • Restaurants & food service establishments
  • Healthcare & medical facilities
  • Educational institutions

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Fire Protection System Services

Tailoring solutions to your specialized safety and budget requirements, the American Fire Systems team provides ironclad fire protection services for families, business owners, and properties around Houston and beyond. After assessing your vulnerability to fire, smoke, and life safety risk, our experts install and maintain fire alarms, sprinklers, and more. For your peace of mind, we also perform the routine maintenance and inspections that safeguard your system’s operation and longevity.

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Serving dozens of industries with customized fire protection solutions and 24/7 monitoring, American Fire Systems is a Texas mainstay. Whether you need residential or commercial extinguishers, we provide affordable options that keep you compliant with fire codes and insurance guidelines.

To schedule an onsite consultation or speak with a licensed Fire Protection Specialist, call 713.466.9898. For your convenience, you can also reach a fire protection expert online here 24 hours a day.

American Fire Systems pretty much does it all. They can handle your new construction installs, and all of your accounts after construction has left the building. I have been referred to at times as the AFS cheerleader, but with good reason. Not only do they have a Class A Team, but have also saved us thousands of dollars with their honesty and commitment to going the extra mile. They are, hands down, your best solution for fire protection and security.

Lanayae Hunter, CAM, CAPS - Area Vice PresidentHaven Residential

If you have not worked with American Fire Systems then it's time to start. These two men David and Craig will not do you wrong. They are on board from preliminary design to final punch out and owner acceptance. They handle all aspects of their work in a very professional manner. They pay their bills on time and you very seldom see a change order. Let's put it this way- I trust them so much I would play poker with them over the phone.

Bob DavisDavis Brothers Construction

We have been using AFS almost exclusively for the past couple of years with great success operationally. I really appreciate the company’s customer service and overall flexibility. I can honestly call AFS our partners in managing the life safety components of our communities. I can see us working far into the future.

Allen Rafieha - Senior Regional Maintenance ManagerVenterra Realty

American Fire Systems - The absolute BEST company to use for your fire, sprinkler, pump, alarm, backflow needs and more! They are honest, thorough, quick to respond and even quicker for emergencies. All representatives from the receptionist to service technicians are professional and genuinely care about you and your needs. I am a customer for life!

Crystal Jackson, CAM, CAPS - Portfolio DirectorThe Dinerstein Companies

AFS believes that the work they do matters... and that the manner in which they do it is even more important. I can't say enough about the passion and integrity they employ in their relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. I also think being in an industry that provides life saving systems is completely appropriate for who they are as individuals.

Victor Young - Senior Vice PresidentLYND | Your Home. Our Passion.