Fire Extinguisher Installation

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Fire Extinguisher Systems

Engineering fire protection solutions for Texas home and business owners, American Fire Systems supplements your sprinkler systems with fire extinguishers from leading manufacturers.

AFS provides turnkey services that include fire extinguisher installation, repairs, and maintenance. The maintenance process is particularly critical since extinguishers must be routinely inspected to assure accessibility and reliable operation. Our professional inspection includes a visual assessment, physical assessment, and tagging verification (to include location and date).

Types of Fuels & Fire Extinguishers
Fire extinguishers should be selected based on the fuel type, since different extinguishing agents are useful for different fires. Class A fires include general combustibles such as paper, wood, and plastics. Class B fires are flammable liquids; Class C fires involve energized electrical equipment such as transformers and motors. Class D fires include combustible metals, and Class K fires are fires started by cooking oils, kitchen grease, and fat.

Tailored to your unique fire vulnerabilities, AFS extinguisher types include, but are not limited to:

  • Pressurized water extinguishers: Class A fires
  • Dry chemical extinguishers: Class A, B & C fires
  • Dry powder extinguishers: Class D & combustible metal fires
  • Carbon dioxide extinguishers: Class B & C fires
  • Clean agent extinguishers: Class B & C fires
  • Chemical foam (AFFF & FFFP) extinguishers: Class A & B fires
  • Ammonium phosphate extinguishers: Class A, B & C fires
  • Wet chemical extinguishers: Class K fires; deep-fat fryers & other commercial kitchen applications

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Serving dozens of industries with customized fire protection solutions and 24/7 monitoring, American Fire Systems is a Texas mainstay. Whether you need residential or commercial extinguishers, we provide affordable options that keep you compliant with fire codes and insurance guidelines.

To schedule an onsite consultation or speak with a licensed Fire Protection Specialist, call 713.466.9898. For your convenience, you can also reach a fire protection expert online here 24 hours a day.